FLIP-8 demo image


FLIP-8 is a CHIP-8 interpreter with substantial debugging features and options. CHIP-8 is an interpreted programming language created by Joseph Weisbecker. CHIP-8 was initially used on the COSMAC VIP and Telmac 1800 8-bit computers in the mid-1970s. CHIP-8 programs are run using a CHIP-8 interpreter such as FLIP-8. The palette used in FLIP-8 is DB16.


FLIP-8 was programmed in a day to learn how to program an interpreter / emulator. CHIP-8 has only 35 opcodes and is well documented so was easy enough. Extensive debugging features were added to see the inner workings of the interpreter. The debugging features may be helpful to others trying to code their own CHIP-8 interpreter.


Check out some screenshots to get a preview of FLIP-8.

FLIP-8 Flip Industries logo program FLIP-8 trip8 program FLIP-8 Cave program FLIP-8 Brick program FLIP-8 Maze program


FLIP-8 is legacy Flash content. On January 12, 2021, Adobe Flash reached its' “end of life.” Unfortunately, FLIP-8 was developed for Flash so will no longer work in so called "modern browsers.” This is because Flash functionality has been completely blocked by both operating systems and web browsers. You can however use FLIP-8 on Newgrounds using the Newgrounds Player. There are no current plans to port FLIP-8 over to JavaScript.