Hop and Bop


Do you dare to enter the rabbit hole?

Hop and Bop screenshot

You wake up under a bush with no memory or recollection of what occurred. You feel cold and your mind is fuzzy. You know that you must explore this world. It feels familiar, yet somehow you know the inhabitants are hostile. Have you always been a rabbit? How did you get here, why are you here? You must push forward in order to get the answers you seek. Challenges certainly await you, along with tough foes. What will you find at the end of this rabbit hole?

Basic Details

Name: Hop and Bop
Players: One
Genre: Platformer
Platform: Web
Flash Release: February 3, 2014
JavaScript Port: June 21, 2022
© 2014 to 2023 - Flip Industries

Hop and Bop game box


Hop and Bop can be played with a keyboard, the Flip Pad or a gamepad.


  • Left - Move player left
  • Right - Move player right
  • X - Jump
  • Z - Run
  • P - Start or pause

Flip Pad

Flip Pad is a virtual gamepad for touch devices. It will automatically appear when the screen is touched. It can be removed by pressing a keyboard key or clicking a mouse button.


You can map the keyboard keys to the gamepad of your choice by using JoyToKey. We recommend a NES-004 paired with a USB NES RetroPort for a pure experience.


Check out some screenshots to get a preview of Hop and Bop.

Hop and Bop title screen Hop and Bop stage 1-1 Hop and Bop stage 1-2 Hop and Bop stage 1-2 facing danger Hop and Bop stage 1-2 on a ledge Hop and Bop stage 1-3 Hop and Bop stage 1-3 among enemies Hop and Bop stage 1-4 Hop and Bop stage 1-4 trying to jump away Hop and Bop stage 1 boss


Hop and Bop is an action style platform game and was developed by Flip Industries. Featuring “8-bit” NES style graphics using a total of 16 colors and addictive chip tunes produced by JMF. An editor allows you to create your very own custom areas and publish them for all the world to play. Fans of the NES and Super Mario Bros. just might find something they like here.


Hop and Bop was originally developed to create a generic platform game engine for Flash. To apply limits similar to those on 8-bit systems such as the NES, it was decided that a total of 16 colors, specifically the DB16 Palette, would be used throughout the entire game. It was also decided that a tile-based rendering system would be used and the resolution was set to 256 pixels wide by 240 pixels tall. Likewise, the music would be chip-tunes and produced with PxTone and the sound effects 8-bit in nature. Unfortunately, Flash was ultimately euthanized in January of 2021 and Hop and Bop was then ported over to JavaScript.


Hop and Bop has been featured in reviews and received media coverage. Here is some of what they have to say about Hop and Bop.

"Visuals, gameplay, soundtracks, and sincerity of Flip Industries result in 8/10 IndieWod Points."

- IndieWod

"Fans of the NES and and Super Marios. just might find something like here."

- Capsule Computers


Version 1.13 was released on January 3, 2023 and it is another big update. Stage 2 has now been created with four new and exciting areas to play. New enemies include various snakes, one of which spits acid, and the ravenous Red Dragon boss. The representation of checkpoints has been redone. There have also been some level design tweaks to Stage 1 and several bugs have been fixed.

Hop and Bop is under active development so check back often for updates. In the meanwhile, why not use the editor to make your own custom area. You can read about progress and changes in the change log. Shoot us an email if you would like to help play test Hop and Bop or otherwise get involved.